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° Vessel

Personal Project: Future Food + Sustainability

Year: 2020

Designer: Sophie Sargood

‘°Vessel is a concept compiled of a 3-part system that integrates: A revised dispensing system, a re-usable product and a scope for food. As the future of snacking gravitates towards more health incorporated foods with sustainable brands being able to provide these, °Vessel offers a unique experience for the busy, on-the-go consumer. A fusion of inspiration derived from the works of design consultancy Space10, °Vessel takes the food form of a sphere to navigate a new menu for snacks. Reflecting the noticeable change in society’s attitudes towards food
and  their attainment’.


Peoples attitudes towards food are changing and the future of snacking forecast what is already a growing movement towards health incorporated foods and sustainable brands being able to provide this. The aim of this project was to design a system for the forseeable future (3-5 years), that portrays the noticeable change in society’s attitudes towards food. Incorporating a conceptual system, a product and a scope for food.


On-the-go expectations derived from consumers is primarily due to industries use of materials and resources which introduced the possibility for an on-demand culture. Now, a new focus on how to meet the wants/needs of consumers without harming the environment is at the forefront of design. 

The approach combines social habits with future eating + sustainable design.


Snacking culture has become a necessity in people’s daily routine. Young adults pick up a snack to feed themselves physically, mentally or socially. In addition to having formed an on-demand culture

Vessel includes a unique menu with nutritional filling snacks, adhering to the nature of a quick fix: on-demand, on-the-go, 24/7.


Visuals used to indicate the Vessel dispensary’s. Forums that typically have high foot traffic: malls, gyms, universities, theatres etc. A place to re-fill and re-fuel. The look and feel promotes a futuristic + clinical aesthetic, in keeping with the design of the product and the nature of the projects timeline.

Space 10

Vessel was a fusion of inspiration, primarily stemming from @space10_journal ‘Tomorrow’s Meatball’ + future eating cookbook ‘Future Food Today’ which considers the “meatballs shape and size as a canvas for future food scenarios”. From identifying this canvas in the current food market, Vessel takes on the form of a sphere to navigate this new trend of snacking. Surrounding the idea that society’s eating habits are ever-evolving.

Future Food