002 Brand Identity’ 20


Client: Sacha & Jenny Mackensie

Year: 2020

Designer: Sophie Sargood

Collaborator(s): Barnes Bikes

Role and Project Status:
Creative Director + Product Designer (on-going)

‘Barnes Bikes is a new venture in South West London. Cycling is booming post lock-down due to the decreasing desire to get on public transport and as a result has substantial backing from London Mayor, Sadiq Khan. Richmond borough is one of the most forward thinking councils and is fully behind the push to get more people on two wheels for transport and leisure. Barnes Bikes team is headed up by experienced retailer and manufacturer Sacha Mackenzie, who has set out to open the new store and digital space pre-fall’.


The brief for Barnes Bikes was to create a set of brand idenity assets including the following characteristics:

+ Logo
+ Type-Face
+ Colour Pallette
+ Expression
+ Graphics

Which inadvertantly would embody the brands purpose and ethos. 


Understand the nature of the brand which is to be a combination of the core elements:

Gender Neutral

The process starts with research into the current market and how brands utilise visual design to achieve association with a name and/or product. Looking into a selection of contemporary bicycle company’s, insight was gained into the wants/needs of the consumer, extracting information on; Clientele, Location, Personality, Style. 


With two varying sizes, the ‘bb’ logo includes a staple letter ‘b’ which subtly refrences the wheel in a contemporary, minimal and playful, pictorial format. The orange dot symbolises either/or handlebars + pedal which binds the letters together forming the overal logo. Whilst the underlining meaning for each component represents bicycles, at first glance it does not overly inform, concluding a sophisticated and contemporary design for the brand.


The colour palette stems from three varying factors:-

With the brands focus to uphold sustainable practices it was important to be mindfull of colour choice and how it would reflect this. Nature greens resemble our enviroment and current climate.

In addition, the dark shade of grey creates clean and modern lines which has the effect of boosting the accents of both the bright and muted colours.

And then theres the standing out part. Choosing a colour that brings pleasure and fun into peoples lives. Representative of the Porsche 911 this addition exudes a light and carefree quality, which fits in very well with the sensation of riding a bike through the city.

A store and digital space for the modern cyclist.