003 Technology’ 18


Personal Project: Sleep Hygiene

Year: 2018 (an older project under construction)

Designer: Sophie Sargood

‘Pear is a concept solution for young adults that are affected by poor sleep hygiene. Through investigating the sleeping/waking routines and habits of young adults between the ages of 18-25 a research paper highlighted the general unawareness of good sleep regime, exposing the bad habits individuals conform to and showcasing the general unawenress of sleep hygiene primarly. Analysis of both primary and secondary research led the project to understand there is a constant need to stay connected via smart phones and also to succeed, preventing healthy sleep in our society, especially amongst young individuals’.


Through Primary and Secondary Research the task is to observe and identify key insights/opportunities within the sleeping industry. Review the quality, accessibility and experience of existing products, proposing new, innovative and accessible products that change the attitudes towards sleep and promote good sleep hygiene, aimed at the ages between 18-25. 


Tackling phone usage before bed as well as the general unawareness of sleep hygiene.

Create a product that prevents users from using their smart phone at night and restores the wind down routine in their day.

Combats the social need to be online during resting hours as well as being  an interactive product that develops the  relationship between an individual and their sleeping routine. Thus improving the users sleep quality.