004 Research Paper’ 20

Style Consumerism


A theory considering the modern day consumeristic society and its relationship with sustainble design.


‘Style is considered short-lived and frequently changed, driven by our yearning for ‘new’ and ‘more’. Through the evolution of digital marketing and increased accessibility, the impact of trends towards a ‘style consumeristic' society has escalated far beyond need, Introducing the term "throwaway culture”. The throwaway culture includes the word ‘culture’ because it is a concept society has created out of popularity, it did not use to exist. Looking back on the decades when man did not have the technological advancements of today, these advancements have enabled consumerism to become a bi-product of trend. Trends have historically gone unnoticed until they become the norm in peoples lives.

As we enter a new decade of fashion with a new generation of designers, this paper examines the key drivers of style consumerism and the impact trends have within the fashion industry; forms of culture shaping and changing the industry; the power of making something mainstream and the modern marketing industry era, all in aid of combatting the global environmental challenges we are facing today.’

“being sustainable does not have to compromise style, style does not have to dictate longevity”

(Sargood, 2020)